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The Gift Of Self Love Campaign

The gift of self-love campaign Faith Costa

What happens when two body positive, hard working women in the fashion and film industry get together? They create something revolutionary! Janie Ruddell is a film student who has always loved everything to do with film and media, and wanted to mold her life around it. She has been working ...

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Do I Put My Kid on Weight Watchers? – A Parents Guide

Do I Put My Kid on Weight Watchers

Weight Watchers recently offered free memberships to teens. This ignited a whirlwind of controversy. The woman in this post started Weight Watchers anywhere from 8-16 years of age! Some argue our countries growing concern with childhood obesity necessitates such a program. Those who have lived a life of yo-yo diets ...

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Where Body Positivity and Self-Talk Meet


What do first dates, bowling, job interviews, and test taking have in common? They are all impacted by self-talk. If self-talk doesn’t sound familiar, you might know it as the little voice in your head. It judges how you look, tells you how to feel, and gives you lectures. Whether ...

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How Showering Naked Changed My Life

group showers and naked body positivity

Just like most American girls, I grew up insecure about my body. I worried about what I had and what I didn’t have. In my case, I had always been bigger than all my friends. Never fat (although I thought I was fat), just big. Compared to other girls, I ...

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