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20 Tips to be more body positive

20 Powerful Tips to Be More Body Positive Today

If you are someone like me who has struggled with a poor body image for most of your life, I think we can all agree that it is not an easy thing to put all that negativity aside and just wake up one morning loving yourself.

Your history has shaped who you are, the good, the bad and the ugly.

It is hard to forget the bullying, body shaming, the lack of respect and the nonexistent support from teachers, friends and even family.

When you are told all your life that you are not good enough, that you are not beautiful, that you are lazy or stupid simply because of the way you appear to the outside world, it is a huge hurdle to overcome.

When you are told all your life that you are not good enough, that you are not beautiful, that you are lazy or stupid simply because of the way you appear to the outside world, it is a huge hurdle to overcome.


Accept that this is who you are and you are worthy of love, respect and good fortune.

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It is hard to see or appreciate your beauty when everywhere in the media, (TV, movies, magazines or social media like Instagram, Facebook, Twitter); you are told or shown that you have to be different from who you are to be successful and happy.


Where To Start

The first thing you have to do is realize that you survived. You listened to the shaming but you are here to tell your tale.

Take that experience, as bad as it may have been and use it to fuel your fire. Let it give you strength and determination to prove everyone wrong.

Your body is not something to be ashamed of. It carried you through difficult days, maybe illnesses or heartbreak.  It continues to work hard for you; caring for loved ones, cooking, cleaning, getting to work, maybe doing volunteer work, and maybe bringing new life into the world.

Every stretch mark, scar, lump or bump tells your story of where you have been.  Do not make light of or dismiss your body.

Every stretch mark, scar, lump or bump tells your story of where you have been.


It is beautiful simply because it exists, because you exist. You are important and have a place in this world that no one else can fill.  You may be flawed but you are uniquely flawed and that alone makes you worthy of self-love.


The Journey

The journey to self-love is not taken in leaps and bounds but by one small step at a time. It is not a journey that has a defining beginning or end. It is an ongoing lesson to accept, embrace and love who you are.

Every day I learn something new about myself that allows me to appreciate and love myself more than I did the day before. I have availed myself of courses, events and people who motivate, inspire and teach me what being body positive is all about.

Through the sharing of stories, I have met many women who, like me, are on a journey towards body acceptance.

I have learned that I am not alone in my travels but rather I am in very good company. That realization is very comforting. It is refreshing to be part of something that builds you up, rather than tearing you down.

I would say that this body positive movement is long overdue!  It is a movement not exclusive to just being plus size. It is not defined by age, size, weight, color, race, sexuality or gender. It is for anyone who is struggling with a poor self-image.

That’s why, even at age 50, I feel at home in this new environment. There is room for growth and change no matter who you are!

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Steps to Take

Now that you realize that your past experiences don’t have to define who you are in the present, it’s time to get down to the business of learning to love yourself; yes, even an old lady like myself, lol!

Here are some concrete things you can do on a daily basis that, with time, will help you see how truly beautiful and wondrous you are:

1. Move your body every day – Find something you enjoy; yoga, swimming, bike riding, playing with your kids, flying a kite, cleaning your house, gardening. Make note of how your body feels; happy, strong, energized, confidant, healthy, alive, tired.

2. Find something in each day to savor and appreciate – The sun on your face, the changing color of the leaves, the song of the birds, time spent with family and friends, a drive in the country, listening to your favorite music or accomplishing a task at work. Spin negative thoughts into positive by being aware of the beauty in the smallest of things! You are part of a beautiful world and you, in fact, are the most beautiful piece of that world.

3. Accept compliments gracefully – A compliment is someone else’s opinion or thought about you. You should not negate nor can you control what someone else thinks of you. A simple thank you is all that is required.

4. Practice self-care every day – When you give care to yourself, your body will be better prepared to care for others. When you spend time caring for yourself, you will see all the beauty that is you. Self-care can include taking a bubble bath, read a good book, enjoy a glass of wine watching the sun set, try a new lipstick color, get a manicure, listen to music, put lotion on your skin after your shower.

5. Negative thoughts – Be aware of negative thoughts and stop them in their tracks before they take hold of you. Say no to them out loud or in your head.

6. Keep a Journal – Write in a journal what is no longer acceptable for you to think or say about yourself. Stand up for yourself in a loving way. For example, “I will no longer look in the mirror and say I am ugly. I will look for the good in me and find something loving to say each and every day.”

7. Learn to say no – Say no to anything you don’t wish to be involved in and don’t feel guilty about it. Involve yourself in anything you feel passionate about and let everything else go. Do things that please you not everyone else. You’ll be happier and less stressed.

8. Be kind to others – Find someone else who needs help. Random acts of kindness will help you feel good about yourself. Practice self-care first though so you have energy to give out to others.

9. Boycott the diet industry/culture – They care about making money not you or your health and welfare or your happiness. Concentrate on balance in your life, which you can do without giving your money away.

10. Get rid of the scale – You are more than a number. Find clothes you like and don’t concentrate on the size. Cut the tags out if seeing the number bothers you. Again, you are more than the number on a tag.

11. Don’t subject yourself to bogus beauty standards – Stay away from TV shows, magazines or social media that causes you to feel bad about your body shape, size, ethnicity, etc. Seek out media that depicts a wide variety of body shapes, sizes, and colors. etc. There are lots of Instagram accounts that are body positive. One of my favourites is queenbeefashionista4.  FabuPlus is a new hardcopy magazine designed specifically with plus size women in mind. The more you see media images that mirror how you look, the more you’ll come to appreciate your beauty.

12. Surround yourself with positive people –  People who accept and love you as you are and who make you feel good about yourself. If there is someone who is a negative influence in your life, have a conversation with them about how they make you feel. If they choose to continue their behavior, cut them loose or at the very least diminish your contact with them. It’s okay!

13. Ask for help – Help in dealing with negativity and related feelings like depression or anxiety if you feel overwhelmed or incapable of dealing with it on your own. Asking for help is not a sign of weakness or failure. It takes great strength to share insecurities. Seek out a professional who you feel comfortable with or a friend or family member who you trust to have your best interests at heart.

14. Know you’re beautiful – Know that you are worthy simply because you are alive.  You were created for a purpose. You are uniquely beautiful!

15. Don’t let darkness overcome your life – Make goals of things you want to do, things you want to see or places you want to go. Say your intentions loud and with conviction.

16. Daily self-praise – Praise yourself daily and surround yourself with positive affirmations.

17. Don’t compare yourself to others – You don’t know where they come from, what their story is or what they have been through. Everyone is created uniquely and has their own path to travel.

18. Forgive yourself – You are human and were not designed to be perfect. You will falter and fall but you will pick yourself up and keep going.

19. Treat yourself the same way you would treat your best friend – Would you tell a friend they are ugly, stupid or unworthy of love? No, so don’t tell yourself that either. You deserve the same treatment as you give those you love.

20. Experiment with fashion, hairstyles or makeup – Have fun in creating a you that is different from everyone else. Being different is a good thing. Who wants to live in a world where everyone is the same? How boring!

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Let’s Sum It Up

What have you learned? I hope by reading this text you have come to realize you are your own kind of beauty.

There will be things you don’t like that maybe you want to change but you certainly shouldn’t feel like you have to change to be happy or worthy of love.

There are parts of you that you love and are happy with and rightly so.

Every day might be a new struggle when it comes to being body positive but it is a worthy cause to fight for.

Every day might be a new struggle when it comes to being body positive but it is a worthy cause to fight for.


Look for the positive, surround yourself with positivity in people, your relationships and in your surroundings.

Accept you are flawed but you’re human so therefore perfection is not expected.  You can appreciate the beauty in others despite their imperfections so show yourself the same courtesy.

You deserve nothing less than what you would give to a stranger or friend!

Be Pretty, Plus and Proud and know that the journey to self-love can start whenever you are ready to travel the road!

About Ena Dumais

Your outward appearance does not define you. You are worthy, good enough and deserving of respect no matter what you look like on the outside. I am happily married for 19 years and am the mother of one beautiful daughter and one fur baby. I love writing and being a part of the body positive movement, changing how the world views beauty one blog post at a time!