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Your self-love and body positive journey is not one to go alone.

We inspire and educate people just like you to accept themselves regardless of a number on a scale.

Our community grows by about 20-40 people a day!

Our community is an email community, a 5-day body positive course and a private app we use to keep the conversations in our community going.

Fat, skinny, eating disorders, tall, short, trans…we do NPT discriminate.


body positivity community about page



We are a group of writers, good-hearted people who all have our struggles.

By sharing our stories with each other we find strength.

We would love to meet you!


Our Founder

After always being comfortable with my clothes off, one day I realized didn’t feel all that comfortable anymore.

Walking around the house naked with 80’s music playing while getting ready for the day used to be the norm.


What changed?

Why am I suddenly uncomfortable?


I soon did two things I figured most people would do to get answers:

  1. Self-reflect.
  2. Research on Google.


I came across the topic of body positivity.

This began a whole process of learning about related topics such as body image, self-love and bullying.


Through this process I learned a lot about how the media has a tremendous effect on how we perceive our bodies, our beauty and our self-worth.

The impact of ones childhood on how they perceive themselves later in life was also a common thread.

Reading the stories of others resonated very strongly with me.


People mentioned things like:

  • “I was called thunder thighs by my very own father.”
  • “My mother told me no one would ever want me.”
  • “Kids in school used to call me pizza pammy because of my severe acne.”


After feeling excited and empowered I began to reach out to the woman you’ll see below.

Each had a unique story, was an open book and loved my idea of creating a body positive community!

I was initially concerned that I was a man in a topic that is 99% women!


I was shocked that when women found out I was a man they were excited a man actually gave a s!@# about this topic!


Through the support of many, Bodypositivity.com was born!


My name is JC Cavanaugh and I am the founder of Bodypositivity.com but I could never and would have never done it without the support of my BoPo posse below!


JC Cavanaugh and Madeline Jones
JC Cavanaugh with Madeline Jones of Plus Size Magazine



Meet an amazingly inspirational group of body positivity advocates who I met on Instagram.

Through hours of inspirational Skype calls and emotional meetings, we realized there was a tremendous need for a community to form beyond that of Instagram and Facebook.

“We are a single resource of inspiration for all body positive supporters. This is a place where you can share stories and form friendships in a safe and supportive online community.”

We launched on October 31st of 2016.

Our early supporters helped in the design, layout and content of the body positive community you are now a part of.

Find us posting and interacting in our body positive app.


Corinne Santiago
Corinne Santiago


“Through your good days, bad days, and all the ones in between, you’ll never be in this alone. Love yourself inside and out, always and forever.” – Corinne Santiago


Ena Dumais
Ena Dumais


“Beauty is who you are not what you look like!” – Ena Dumais


Kimmy Benson
Kimmy Benson


“I believe loving your body, embracing self-worth and being vulnerable has the power to change your life.” – Kimmy Benson


Julie Catoe
Julie Catoe


“Our bodies radiate the true beauty and glow of our souls!” – Julie Catoe


Julie Newmeyer
Julie Newmeyer


I believe every body is fearfully and wonderfully made! – Julie Newmeyer


Darcey Pittman
Darcey Pittman


“I firmly believe everyBODY deserves to be loved and seen as beautiful in their own, unique way” – Darcey Pittman


Laurel Hardy
Laurel Hardy


“Beauty doesn’t make you healthy and happy. Being healthy and happy makes you beautiful!” – Laurel Hardy


Jes Samders
Jes Sanders


“I believe in the importance of body positivity for all bodies because we are not meant to be clones and it is in fact in our variations that we find true beauty.” – Jes Sanders


Vanessa Barsanti
Vanessa Barsanti


“Loving yourself is the greatest revolution.” – Vanessa Barsanti


Jillian McClary
Jillian McClary


“No one is you and that is your power.” – Jillian McClary


We believe all bodies are beautiful. We believe that body positivity should not be restrictive and exclusive.

Our community includes:

  • Real size bodies
  • Bodies with scars
  • Male and female bodies
  • Thin bodies
  • Fit bodies
  • Bodies missing limbs
  • Tall bodies
  • Bodies with acne
  • Bodies with wrinkles
  • Every body!


Our community includes EVERY BODY and excludes NO BODY!


Find many of our early supporters sharing inspirational blog posts and chatting in our community forum.

We are here for you. Your thoughts and recommendations are valuable to us and our community.


We want to know you better. Join our community!


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