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I'm a curvy English gal with an over-active mind and a naughty sense of humour. I'm in my thirties, am degree-educated and have an endless curiosity about the world. I'm from the South of England, and grew up in a middle-class family, living in an average commuter town. I'm naturally creative and introverted, but I'm also genuine, compassionate and open-minded; which means I'm empathetic and am driven to want to help people. In my spare time, I love to sing, dance, do crafts, paint, I'm a major TV & movie addict, I wish I got to see more live comedy, and I'm a big foodie so I love trying different cuisines as well as cooking & baking things myself. I have a whole host of useless skills too, like knowing what every single chocolate in the tin of Quality Street is by colour & shape alone, I'm the only person I know still playing Candy Crush Saga because I'm so pig-headed, and I can operate the TV remote with my feet. Oh, and I'm also the messiest person I know. Seriously.

What Does BoPo Mean to you?

What does Bopo Mean to you?

When I sat down to write this, I thought “This is easy, I know exactly what it means”. As I tried to begin though, I realised just how complex and varied our definitions of BoPo could be. At the moment, “Body positivity” is trending; it’s become part of common parlance, ...

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