The Body Positive Movement: Loving Yourself

Are you embracing the Body Positive Movement or do you still bear insecurities about your body?

Do you at times feel undeserving? Are you carrying toxic feelings that are stunting your growth?

We have all experienced such struggles in life and it can be surprisingly easy to get stuck in an endless pit of bitterness, self-loathing and depression.


Love Yourself into Wholeness

Every time you experience such insecurities, recall that your first duty is to love yourself into wholeness.

This is an opportunity to learn from difficult (even painful) life lessons.

If you haven’t yet begun, start now!

BoPo is a Self-Nurturing Pursuit

Peel back the layers as you embark on this pursuit of self-celebration. Such times will need you to be more kind to yourself – by taking good care of your body, mind and spirit.

The BoPo pursuit of cultivating wholeness should be deliberate. In order for you to move forward and experience the growth you want to see, change has to be accepted and appreciated.

This is a process of changing how you feel about yourself. It’s a call to self-celebration and self-nurturing


Body positive quotes


Today, affirm to love and nourish every part of you. Not just the good, but also the wounded and the healing. -Alex Elle-


Are you ready to embark  on this pursuit of nurturing your body into wholeness?


Let’s get started!

Cultivate Good Self-Care Habits.

Cultivating good self-care habits is a critical part of this transformation process. In order to achieve a positive body image, you often have to change your mindset and lifestyle so that it aligns with your goals.


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This shift doesn’t happen overnight – it’s the result of many, small, daily tweaks in your habits. This process of becoming takes time.

Time to consider, time to reflect, time to undo the damage,  time to forgive, time to heal, time to make creative choices and time to start over.


Offer yourself the forgiveness you’ve shared with others, you are deserving. -Alex Elle-

Prioritize! Prioritize! Prioritize!

So often, despite our best efforts, the way we spend our time doesn’t align with what we really value. We usually don’t prioritize self-care moments in our schedules.

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On the contrary, taking good care of our bodies through getting enough sleep, having a good skin care regime, eating nutritious foods and making time for movement in our lives, is obligatory, and not optional.

It’s unfortunate to note that when work and family commitments begin to stack up, prioritizing on ourselves can be the most difficult thing to do.

Take stock of your self-care habits

Today, take an honest look at how good you are to yourself.

How much rest are you getting? Are you creating time for movement?

Have you given meditation a fair chance? How much time do you have every week to just relax, and to engage in personal pursuits that bring you pleasure?


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Self-care is how you take your power back -Lalah Delia-


This self-care habits may seem trivial but they are as important as your house chores and work assignments.

Find your Inner Light

Did you know that the real beauty secret is in finding your inner light? Spiritual nourishment is a significant part of self-care and it will help you attain balance in your life.


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As you go within searching for spiritual nourishment, you’ll begin to blossom on the outside. Time well spent in meditation and prayer improves your mental health.

Working on your inner beauty by practicing empathy, mindfulness, forgiveness, kindness and love will always produce outward charm.

It’s absolutely impossible to commit to your spiritual nourishment, and not have it reveal itself on the outside.

Try it today, and see the difference!

Take care of your emotional well-being

Finally, while still on this BoPo pursuit, it’s imperative that you take care of yourself emotionally.

Emotional intelligence dictates that you should recognize your own emotions and how they affect your own behavior.


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Purpose to control your impulsive feelings and behaviors, so you can manage your emotions in healthy ways. This will require you to put more effort towards guarding your heart and protecting your peace of mind.

You can choose to respond to rude body shaming comments  rather than react. You can choose to be positive when you’re feeling sorry for yourself.

You can choose your words when people try to be  sarcastic. More so, you can apply emotional intelligence to transform negative emotions into positive and empowering outcomes.

Loving Yourself Should Be Intentional

Remember: self-nurturing isn’t this comfortable miraculous thing that you wake up and find yourself in. It is a deliberate transformation process of self-celebration.

It can at times get ugly, gritty and hard.

Truth is, it’s difficult to love yourself, but believe me, it’s the greatest gift you can ever give yourself.


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Self-love will push you towards figuring out what your own personal version of bopo looks like. It will also help you figure out what actually matters to you. Eventually, it will enable you to  evolve, take shape and grow to be more body positive.


You’re allowed to heal on your own time, give yourself permission to honor the process. -Alex Elle-


In the end, you will become the person you always wanted to be, rather than the person you were always told to be, and that is beautiful!

You are 100% responsible for your happiness and well-being.

Did you know that you are the only person who can define your self-worth?

In order to lead a well-balanced life – emotionally, physically and spiritually,  it is important that you strive to cultivate wholeness.

To start you off, I suggest you make a list of at least ten things related to self-love, self-care and positive body image that you plan on implementing in 2018.

Commit to these daily rituals, trust the BoPo pursuit,  and watch yourself blossom to a  body positive, healthy, vibrant, and self-confident version of yourself!   

Are you embracing the Body Positive Movement or do you still bear insecurities about your body? Do you at times feel undeserving? Are you carrying toxic feelings that are stunting your growth? We have all experienced such struggles in life and it can be surprisingly easy to get stuck in an endless pit…

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