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What Does it Mean to Be BoPo?

What is Bopo?


Bopo is defined as being body positive.

It reminds us to focus on the amazing things our body does for us and not on its aesthetic.

Being bopo shows your support of the body positive movement and what it stands for.


What is Bopo?
Image Courtesy: Polyvore


Body positivity supports all body types:

  • Fat
  • Thin
  • Amputees
  • Tall
  • Short
  • Acne
  • Pear-shaped
  • Scarred
  • Burn victims
  • Transgender
  • Aging
  • Dark skin
  • Impetigo


Body positivity is inclusive and never exclusive. It reminds us that their is beauty in our uniqueness.

Our scars tell a story.

Our story is what defines us.


We should never be ashamed of our story and the battle wounds we have both physically and mentally. They are critical to who we have become.


Accepting who we are and quitting the comparison of ourselves is a critical piece of the body positive community.

The support amongst the community is unlike any single group of like-minded people you will ever meet.


The #bopo hashtag is very popular on Instagram. Used by those who support the body positive movement.



Bopo on Instagram

Searching #bopo on Instagram instantly invites you into a world of strong, confident women who have struggled with self-love and being body positive.

Many have found their way to self-love and work to support those on a similar journey.

Let’s take a look at some popular advocates for self-love.



1. @Weloversize

@weoversize is #bopo


A spanish based supporter of the Bopo Movement, Elena and Rebecca are often found using the bopo hashtag.

They inspire women to love their body regardless of a c-section scar, a lack of thigh gap or number on the scale.


using the #bopo hashtag
#bopo is a very popular hashtag used to show support to the body positive movement.



2. @Planetprudence

Bopo and Planet Prudence


Planet Prudence is one of our personal favorites! Her illustrations always provoke a thought or emotion.

Her body positive illustrations remind us all to love our bodies and ourselves just as we are. She is consistently at the top of the bopo hashtag, right where she deserves to be.


Planet Prudence and the #bopo hashtag


3. @Messa

Messalina Morley is a Bopo Advocate

Messalina is dear to us because she is a member of our private Facebook group and always inspiring.

She is extremely dedicated, compassionate and driven. When looking at her Instagram you would think the last time she didn’t smile was in early 2006!


Messalina Morley Bopo on Instagram


4. @The.rockin.kj

Kyla Jo is Bopo


Kyla is also a very active member of our body positive community. If you ever chat with her on the phone you’re sure to be a huge fan. That’s how it worked for me!

Her dedication as a mom resonates strongly when you speak with her. She makes you wish you could give hugs through the phone. She shows that she practices what she preaches below.


Kyla is a member of our body positive community



Bopo on Twitter

Twitter always provides thought provoking Tweets inspiring people to love the skin they’re in.

Let’s take a look at some of the latest Tweets by some popular body positive advocates.


Bopo on Twitter



Bopo on Twitter



#bopo on Twitter



What Does Bopo Mean to You?

There are many misconceptions as to the definition of body positivity and the meaning it has for those who embrace it.

We asked several body positive advocates what it meant to them and here’s what they said.


  1. “Body positivity is the process of learning to love your body just the way it is…yes, it is a daily struggle, but it is also the most freeing feeling there is.” – Kyla Jo
  2. “Body positivity is for all bodies of course, but the spotlight also needs to be on marginalized folks, like myself. Fat, POC, disabled, etc. people deserve to shine too as they are not covered well in the media. The media covers thin, white women so well. While thin white women are not wrong and they have valid stories and voices, other voices need to be heard as well. It’s time for a change!” – Lexie
  3. “Bopo to me means love, respect and no judgement. Every human has the right to be loved and respected. What you look like should not exclude you from being treated with dignity. No one should be judged by another. I am not perfect, no human is, so who are we to be critical of other people’s “flaws”? We are beautiful because we were created and exist.” – Ena
  4. “Bopo means self-compassion and body appreciation. Doing away with negative self-talk and feeling confident in your own skin. Leaving body comparisons in the dust as you praise your body in all its glory. Accepting your own and others’ forms as they are without judgment, recognizing each individual’s beauty whatever that may be.” – Michelle
  5. “Its means letting go of the “shoulds” of how a women’s body looks. It’s inclusive of all shapes and sizes and is grateful to good health.” – Aubree
  6. “To me body positivity is about accepting all bodies and realising that no type of body has a higher value (moral or otherwise) than the other – all bodies are good bodies. The body positive community should be completely inclusive and should not be about “worthiness”. In fact body positivity was a concept championed by plus size women for plus size women as our bodies tend to be marginalised more than others. So to me body positivity is for everyone, but someone who considers them self truly “bopo” should be using their platforms to uplift more marginalised bodies, and not placing barriers on what is and isn’t body positive.” – Hayley


Scars and body positivity



How to Be More Body Positive

We have an amazing body positive community here at Bodypositivity.com.

Our email community as well as our private Facebook group is a safe and supportive place for the body positive community to listen, share and inspire each other daily.


Here are some great tips our community chose to share with you:

  1. “I write and post positive daily affirmations throughout my house daily.” – Ashlee
  2. “I try to constantly build others up and make them realize how amazing they are, despite what others may think.” – Allie
  3. “I try to take a photo of myself smiling every day.. so when I have my bad days I can look back and remind myself tomorrow will be better again.” – Elisha Marie
  4. “I try and remember compliments that made me feel good about my body, I try and not compare myself to others and I try and keep my mind off the self hate train.” – Sian
  5. “I dance around in my undies before getting dressed.” – Zina

Young body positive amputee



When Did You First Have Body Image Issues?


  1. “I first started having body issues around junior high. They weren’t terrible at that time, but really developed when I started a new relationship in my twenties with some major complications. Long story short I started comparing myself to an ex and things spiraled out of control. I never want to feel or act in the ways I did at that time. Coming back into my own and re-discovering my confidence and strength in my own body has been rewarding and fulfilling. Can’t wait to be a part of the journey others face through helping them discover their own self-worth and develop more confidence in themselves.” – Michelle
  2. “I’ve spent a lifetime hating every inch of my body that always seems to be ‘too’ something. At age six, I remember looking down at my thighs in the kindergarten bathroom thinking they were too big. I was only six!! Since then, I’ve relentlessly calculated the food that went in my body and the exercise needed to mold it to an arbitrary liking that’s been insatiable. I’ve been a connoisseur of various combos of eating disorders- mostly bulimia sprinkled with the occasional but successful runs of anorexia. I have prided myself on a below average BMI, but as I enter my thirty-ninth year on this planet, I’m calling it quits. Enough of striving for perfection and denying myself of the deliciousness of life. I am a vibrant and sweet soul created with pure love merely wrapped in a package that’s my body and committed to loving all of it. I’m letting go of restricting, attempting to control the uncertainly of life by not eating. I am dedicated to making peace with food, my body and exercise.” – Aubree



Being body positive is a choice. It’s not something you earn by hitting the gym, losing weight or restricting what you eat.

It’s a belief.

It’s a mindset.

It’s believing you are amazing just as you are.

Accepting yourself is one thing but you must accept those around you as well. Once you stop comparing yourself to others and become content with who you are, your levels of self-love and happiness escalate.

Choose to be a Bopo warrior who supports the body positive movement today!

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