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The Body Positive Movement: Loving Yourself

The Body Positive Movement

Are you embracing the Body Positive Movement or do you still bear insecurities about your body? Do you at times feel undeserving? Are you carrying toxic feelings that are stunting your growth? We have all experienced such struggles in life and it can be surprisingly easy to get stuck in an endless pit ...

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Do You Have a Wait Problem?

Wait problem

A few years ago I housesat for a man who was more than one hundred pounds overweight. He’d been heavy since childhood, but really started gaining weight as he began losing family members: first his mother, when he was 31; then his older brother a decade later, and finally his ...

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102 Body Positive Quotes From Our Instagram Followers

Today we share 102 body positive quotes from the most vocal, selfless and strong supporters of the body positive movement. We asked 51 of our dedicated followers on our @Bebody_positive Instagram account 2 questions: 1 – What inspires you to support the body positive movement? 2 – What’s your biggest body or ...

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What Does it Mean to Be BoPo?

What Does it Mean to be Bopo?

What is Bopo?   Bopo is defined as being body positive. It reminds us to focus on the amazing things our body does for us and not on its aesthetic. Being bopo shows your support of the body positive movement and what it stands for.     Body positivity supports ...

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