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All Bodies are Good Bodies

Discussion in 'All Things Body Positive' started by Kimmy, Nov 1, 2016.

  1. My friend, Kate, and I are both resilient, kind, hilarious, insightful, lovely people - yet we're complete body opposites. We see each other for coffee often and she's one of my biggest supporters for my Instagram and self worth. Body positivity is not just for plus size women. It's for all men and women and people who have been told by the media that they're not good enough as they are (which is....everyone.) I see Kate as a beautiful woman, yet she struggles with her tummy, she hates her eyebrows, and she wishes she had a curvy big butt. I wish I had her arms, her hair, her teeth, and I often wish I could fit into her clothes (because the woman has killer style.) We could each spend all day picking apart ourselves, but when we do come together, we speak words of affirmation, love, and remind each other of our worth and power - because other women are not your competition. We're all in this together.

  2. Kimmy!!!

    First of all you are the MOST popular woman on Instagram!!! Everyone knows you!!! I knew you were a big deal but DAMN, now I think I'm gonna be nervous around you. LOL

    Love the words you posted here as I truly want this community to be for everyone. I even want people who are super fit to not feel uncomfortable here either. It's their choice to work out and eat chicken salads daily. if that makes them happy then go for it!

    It's interesting to me how Kate appears to have the so called "ideal" shape yet she isn't as content with herself as one would like to think.

    My guess is this stems from childhood. The most CRITICAL time for parents and friends to be cautious in their word choice and role models they become for their children.

    I envision you being asked to go out every 15-17 minutes...Am I close Miss Popularity??? :)
  3. Oh puhleeeeeze. I may have an awesome community on IG, but trust me when I say I spend most of my evenings in sweats watching the Food Network. ;)

    In regards to Kate, though, I don't think it's uncommon. I think even women who have the perceived ideal shape are encouraged to be super critical of their bodies. I mean, who walks around going, "yeah...I mean, I'm perfect. Nothing that I would change." Know what I mean?

    For the record, you're pretty popular, yourself, Champion Of This Website.
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  4. Awwwwww shucks...LOL

    I'm not backing down! EVERYONE seems to know you!!!!!
  5. "We're all in this together." Wisest words <3 love love love
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