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Cheap and cute romper suit outfit

Discussion in 'Flaunt Your Fashion' started by Cherry._.Bakewell, Nov 5, 2016.

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    I love this outfit and I didn't have to empty my purse to get it. Sadly I do not know if the exact items are still on sale but I got the majority of it from eBay, luckily the items are very interchangeable and can go with any belt or shoes that you may already have.

    Polka-dot romper - £10 - eBay
    Long jacket - £6.99 - eBay
    4 clasp belt - £3 - eBay
    4" high heels - £15 - eBay
    Lime green bag - £1 - local charity shop

    Total for outfit - £35.99

    I didn't buy everything in one go which made this outfit even easier to buy
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  2. If my math is right that is $45! For an entire outfit from top to bottom including shoes that is amazzzzzing!!! Well done Cherry!
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  3. Thank you very much, I don't have much money so I try to find the best bargains <3
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  4. Does this entail shopping online to find the best deals, waiting for sales... What is your strategy? I just am blown away y how you can dress this stylish without spending over $150?
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  5. I just look around on eBay and Amazon for styles of clothes I like, put it on lowest price first and look for free shipping. Sometimes items may not be up to quality you expect but a lot of the time it's fine. Also 2nd items are a great way to save money and charity shops or thrift stores have a lot of hidden gems!
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  6. LOVEEEE this outfit, and all of your other cute outfits!! Bargain shoppers unite!! I generally only shop sale racks...even so an outfit for $40-$50 is a damn steal!!! :))
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