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CONTEST: Redefining beauty - How do you choose to define beauty?

Discussion in 'All Things Body Positive' started by BoPo Team, Nov 2, 2016.

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    Contest - Redefining Beauty

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    Post an image or comment on how you choose to define beauty below.

    The media and big business continue defining beauty with their unrealistic standards!

    Let's redefine beauty!

    Winner receives a $250 Amazon Gift Card
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  2. This question really made me think!

    My initial response looked something like.....
    beauty to me is someone that is giving and happy, a truly "good" person. Although I don't believe this is "wrong" As I elaborated I began to realized my first thought didn't truly satisfy my real feelings because beauty can take so many forms. Which then made me realize a different answer entirely.

    I understand that media and big businesses have indeed tried to define beauty in an unrealistic way. However for me to redefine beauty is just as unrealistic.

    As a society when something is interesting such as beauty we try and keep it in a jar. We want to own it and control it.

    I don't think beauty can be defined or redefined. Defining it created issues in the first place. There is no "one size fits all" answer. Beauty does only exist in the eye of the beholder.

    Comparing beauty is just as toxic as defining it. Christmas lights are beautiful and so are flowers! You can't compare or truly define these. Let's just be authentic, let's just be.
  3. Wow Jillian!!!

    This is such a well thought out and intellectual response! I LOVE IT!
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  4. To me beauty is confidence.

    When one is comfortable with who they are on the inside and on the outside they gain the type of confidence that allows them to be happy and not care about what other people, or the media, say about women's beauty.

    To me being healthy and fit, having loving friends and family and working on my future career keeps me motivated to be a better person. Being beautiful doesn't always require lots of make up or restricting your meals just to look a certain way. Be who you want to be, who you are most comfortable being, be yourself and beauty will follow. It's not about how other people see you, it's about how you see yourself. People come and go but you always have yourself to rely on.

    If you believe in yourself, you can find what works best for you to maintain your happiness and confidence and in turn you will radiate internal beauty.
  5. You continue to inspire me Gabriella!!!!! Love ya!
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  6. Existence is beauty, everything that ever was, is or will be is beautiful. Even those moments that we as humans can agree are horrific, have a degree of beauty in that it can reveal something new to someone, change ideals, bring people together in the face of adversity or just work as a low point to to work on top of.

    After typing this I kinda wanna change my answer, knowledge. Learning is beautiful because of the things I said above, because we can better ourselves in a way that is not defined
  7. Bloody good point, I don't think I can top this, if someone finds something beautiful, then it's beautiful. That opinion isn't devalued just because someone else doesn't find it beautiful
  8. @cherry No worries on topping Jillian! This is all about you and looking inside yourself and redefining YOUR beauty! @Jillian does rock out without a doubt, however your opinion and thoughts are equally as valuable! Thanks so much for contributing!
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  9. I love reading the answers to this question, in truth they are all "right" it's nice to really think of what is beautiful to us!!! I love the positivity, it makes us aware of ourselves!!
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  10. Alrighty, prepare to get philosophical! ;)

    To me, beauty is an acceptance and embrace of one's own journey.
    Change is a difficult thing to cope with.
    Even a person's idea of "positive" change can be startling and often times life changing.
    Almost everything is temporay.
    Life is ever changing and we as human beings are ever changing.
    Whether it's a change in our bodies, our political views, religious beliefs, our environment, the people we surround ourselves with, etc. we are ever changing.
    The only thing in this life that is forever is our relationships with our own selves.
    Therefore, true beauty, in my eyes, is that relationship being happy, healthy, loving, and positive.

    Jeez, I hope that made as much sense here as it did in my head. Hahaha
    As always, oodles of love.
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  11. Love it!!!!!
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    I don't think beauty should be defined. Everyone is created differently and we come from different cultures, where each holds its own definition of beauty. Physical appearance is something that obviously is important to all of us no matter what we look like, we want to be accepted but not under anyone's expectations. We should be able to show our beauty to others as we see it in ourselves. However I do believe beauty is not only physical but more of a character trait. A beautiful person to me is kind, respectful of others, has values, goals, can influence others in a positive way and most importantly has self love and self respect. Without any of that I believe it is impossible for us to see others in that perspective. Beauty knows no bounds and I love it that way!
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  13. What is Beauty?

    Beauty is not something we have or possess.
    Its like a hummingbird that dies when it's caged.

    Beauty is not something that we are
    regardless of the countless times
    words have been uttered
    describing YOU as beautiful

    Beauty IS

    Beauty is an essence of acceptance
    Beauty is the soft caress of loving thoughts
    Beauty is the radiance you exude when you are living your passion
    Beauty is supernatural and boundless

    It disregards age, gender, species or even life itself...
    But it is something that requires
    acknowledgement and interpretation to exist.

    So Beauty IS
    what ever
    you hold in that space of wonder
    honor as sacred
    And made claim to as such!
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  14. Beauty is when your heart voice guides your life
  15. I LOVE simplicity and depth. This made me think a lot. I love this! It allows the reader to create their own interpretation with your guidance!

    Thanks soon much for posting!
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  16. Catrina!!!! I love the way you choose your words! I cannot get over how gifted you are! Awesome answer!
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  17. There are so many versions of beauty and none are inaccurate because we all view things in our own way. Perhaps what I perceive through my eyes and mind are not what you see at all. Objects, nature, love, people, pets, art....the emotion and experiences within you impact how you view these things and every version is magnificent.
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  18. Kelly!!! I love your idea of letting beauty be in the eye of the beholder!!! Awesome!
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  19. Beauty is so objective that to me there is no clear way to define it. Beauty can be the smell of fresh laundry, the little smirk I get when something reminds me of a friend, new lingerie, anything really! I'm working towards redefining beauty for women by modeling and staying body positive, as well as beginning a project to set up photo shoots for people who have lost their confidence. There is nothing like seeing a photo of yourself that captures who you truly are to build confidence.
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  20. Beauty is about being comfortable in your own skin and accepting all your flaws and imperfections. It's about loving yourself and those around you. It's about not trying to please everyone. It's coming to terms about what makes you unique from your inner to your outer traits. What society deems to be "beautiful" is usually superficial and artificial. Someone can be considered extremely attractive on the outside but if he or she has no substance on the inside, there is no character or depth to that person. Physical appearance means nothing if the individual lacks inner beauty, mindfulness, and compassion.
    Also, no one should judge another on their appearance. Just because one may not conform to society's beauty standards does not mean he or she is any less of a person. So long as the individual is healthy and chooses to improve their lifestyle through healthier choices, that's what counts!
    Be happy with who you are, selfless in your actions, always humble, and be willing to help and inspire others. Your qualities are what makes you beautiful from inside and out. Never forget to stay true to yourself because you are all beautiful!

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