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Discussion in 'Flaunt Your Fashion' started by Leah, Dec 2, 2016.

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    I love, love, LOVE picking out outfits, especially fun outfits! The entire time I was wearing this cute little LulaRoe inspired outfit, I felt fun, like a kid, an adult kid. I loved it all day long. I didn't let my age pick my outfit, but my inner child. It was the best ever, and I can't wait to do it again! I woke up with a spunky attitude that day and it totally shaped my outfit into something just as funky! I wear whatever I want, sometimes even if it doesn't look good, all that matters is that I feel good. I've worn some hideous outfits, but rocked them with an amazing attitude! My point here, is wear what YOU want. Don't let age, society, or anything hold you back from trying out a new outfit, or getting a little crazy. This was my first time throwing this outfit together, and I cannot wait to wear it again. Wear your personality, it's fun! <3
  2. The more I read your post the more pumped up I got! Your energy is contagious! I think the power of wardrobe cannot be understated.

    This weekend I had a 2 day wedding and had an outfit I truly wasn't feeling all that sexy in.

    I went shopping and bought two amazing outfits and when I changed I felt amazing. My new outfit brought out the true me!
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  3. Cute outfit. I've been on the hunt for some cute tights. Thanks.
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  4. Yessss! I love that! It's not "what do I want to wear today," it's "who am
    I? Who do I want to be today?" ❤️
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  5. Can't decide what I love the most about this post - the tights, or the smile ;) Both are GORGEOUS!
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