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Discussion in 'All Things Body Positive' started by Jes in Progress, Oct 31, 2016.

  1. Have you ever looked at an outfit and thought to yourself: “that’s clearly not made for my body” or “I wish I could look like her.” Well you’re not alone sister. I've spent days poured over magazines striving to make myself appear like one of those starlets who grace the cover. And for what? To shame myself into believing that I am unappealing? To strive to achieve societal acceptance? Well in case no one told you…societal acceptance is bull shit and if someone finds you unappealing then they can close their eyes. I don’t know about you, but I don’t have any time for negativity when I’m too busy being a badass. With all that being said I will be the first to admit that clothes shopping and overall outfit selecting can be a major pain in the ass. Period. And to make matters worse it is a bit difficult when the vast majority of models are of one particular body type. Newsflash: Women come in all shapes and sizes! I personally like to buy pieces based on particular looks and styles that I favor, which can be annoying when a vast majority of stores do not cater to my shape. So what is a curvy gal to do? A few things actually! Believe it or not MANY stores actually have a great additional sizing selections through their website. I know, I know…online clothes shopping can be a bit of a bitch, but bear with me. Most of these retailers which tend to offer extended sizing options and additional petit options on their sites usually allow you to perform returns/exchanges in their stores. Now if you hate online shopping and returning things, (because well lets be honest online size charts are not always accurate) I have some more options for ya lady! Start shopping at places that design for your body type. I know that’s easier said then done, but really this is the best option for you. If youre like me and trying to find plus size clothing that you actually WANT to wear it can be a bit of a challenge since the truth is cute plus size clothes that are not poorly made are expensive! So how do we balance this need for new clothes with our budget? Start with the basics baby cakes! So these basics that I speak of are going to depend on your own personal style, for me a good example would be a fab fitting black leather-like jacket, dark wash skinny jeans, and some go-to tees. Clearly these are not the most exciting sounding pieces, but they are called BASICS for a reason. Start with pieces that fit your body and make you feel amazing! Stop buying the itchy sweaters just because they “fit.” Fuck those sweaters! Get yourself something that you feel good in and something that you can recycle into several outfits. Once you’ve stocked up on basics go ahead and snag some statement pieces. We have all probably heard of a statement necklace, but in case you are unaware of a statement piece of clothing allow me to elaborate. If you see a super fab top with an insane print that you just HAVE TO HAVE…do it! You can pair almost any print with numerous bottoms! Dress it up with trousers or maybe even a skirt (pencil and tea length are a few of my faves) or dress it down with jeans! Okay so now that you have some basics and a few killer statement pieces you might need some inspiration on how to pair it all together and maybe even toss in a few accessories! One word: Instagram. I know that many of us scroll through Instagram checking out a billion and one things that someone somewhere posted, but seriously there are some gems on there! I follow a TON of models and companies who either have my body type (or similar) or who design clothing for my type of body! I might not be able to spring for the $1000 cardigan that the model is rocking, but I can find one similar (and at a more affordable price) and pair it with similar accessories and clothing pieces. There are models of ALL different shapes and sizes and they are FIERCE and honestly I love seeing what they post because it inspires me to make the fiercest outfit combinations that I can.
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  2. I love reading your posts - it fills me with sass and enthusiasm, and now I'm like "I NEED MORE BASICS!" :p Seriously, though - a leather jacket, skinny jeans, and some basic tops with an assortment of statement pieces that make your heart happy? You can't go wrong. Awesome advice, you lovely woman.
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  3. I'm not going to lie I feel like I could never have enough basics or boots! Boots and makeup are some of my biggest addictions in life. Ha!
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  4. Yes to all of the above. My mom always says "Just because I'm bigger, doesn't mean I'm frumpy!"
    It's so difficult to find the things we love in the sizes and shapes we are!
    But like you said, FEELING good is the most important thing. When you feel good, you look good! That's just the bottom line.
    Love it! Love all of you!
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  5. Is there a company that is supportive of the BoPo community when it comes to retail clothing I should be aware of?

    A company that makes clothes that fit and are fashionable?
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  6. I don't know of particular companies really except for individual stores like torrid, dressbarn, lane bryant, and Catherine's (these are the common ones at least here in the states) or plus size sections in just any store really, but I do know that there are tons of designers and small shops online. Also some models like Tess Holliday (love her) are involved with partnering up and producing fabulous lines that are not outrageously priced! Also I love Ashely Nell Tipton, she's not a model, she's a plus size fashion designer who won project runway and her pieces are sold at JC penny's so they are also affordable and hot!
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  7. That's great Jes! I had no idea Tess Holiday was involved in retail. I need to pay more attention! LOL

    I had no idea Ashely won Project Runway! That is a huge win for the Body Positive Movement!
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  8. Tess is huge in retail, body positivity, feminism, and equal rights in general just to name a few. She's incredibly involved which is why I love her and Ashley winning was awesome! She rocks and her like JUST launched.
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