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Hand knitted fingerless gloves

Discussion in 'Flaunt Your Fashion' started by Cherry._.Bakewell, Nov 25, 2016.

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    These are some beautiful hand made fingerless gloves knitted by my amazing mum for the colder weather. She makes so many amazing clothes, accessories and custom orders, some time soon I'll make a showcase of everything that she makes.

    You can find her etsy page here:
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  2. I love the concept of keeping your hands warm but also having your fingertips available to of course text LOL and do any other tasks that you need a little bit of grip and traction for very cool
  3. Omg they look so cozy. Love it!
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  4. They are brilliant and these ones don't have the annoying bit that go between the fingers, they just stop at the knuckles. They also help with my wrist pain as they get very warm very quickly
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  5. Yes they are, super soft. I'm not sure how much she will sell them for but I'm sure she has more of an idea haha
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  6. I LOVE THIS!!!!! So cute!!! I want a pair!!!
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