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Hoops & Faux Fur

Discussion in 'Flaunt Your Fashion' started by Jessica, Jan 5, 2017.

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    I'm not gonna lie, a top knot and hoops are one my favorite looks simply because I instantly feel like J-Lo. Am I J-Lo? No. But that's okay, cause I still slay!

    Also, here's the outfit information if anyone wants it:

    Top: Some random black top that was stuffed in my drawer... I think everyone has one of those.
    (Faux) Fur Vest: Old Navy
    Jeans: Forever 21
    Shoes: Torrid
    Bag: Burlington
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  2. Love it Jessica!!! I also love that it's faux fur!!!
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    You are rocking this outfit so hard.
    And I love that every piece is from somewhere affordable!
    I hate falling in love with an outfit and then reading the fine print only to realize I can't buy any of it lol
    Keep slaying!
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  4. Teach me how to top knot!! I just cut my hair, so it may be impossible now, but I so so so love this look on you with the hoops!
  5. Thank you, love!!
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  6. AHH thank you so much, babe!! And I always try to make my outfits affordable because I most definitely cannot/will not spend $60+ on one piece of clothing :')
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  7. Aww thank you, love!! And I definitely feel ya, I usually end up cutting my hair shoulder length whenever I want a change, so I completely understand the struggle. My #1 tip is bobby pins! You can pin all of those little hairs that fall out at the back, and if bobby pins don't grip onto your hair that well, spray a little hairspray on them before you put the bobby pins in your hair!
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