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How would you like someone to compliment you?

Discussion in 'All Things Body Positive' started by Julie Catoe, Oct 28, 2016.

  1. Compliments tend to often be based around our looks. This belittles who we are as people and puts our looks on a pedestal. When our looks and outward appearance are considered of higher value you can imagine the affect it has on how we start to view our bodies and not our true character.

    How would you like someone to compliment you?
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    I love it when someone says they like my energy when they are around me. That speaks to my being and I don't think there is any deeper compliment
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  3. I love it when someone compliments me and I can see and feel the genuine nature of their compliment.

    The deeper the amount of thought behind it, and the deeper they know who I am, the more deeply that compliments affects me!

    Such a great post Julie!
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  4. I love it when people compliment my inner-strength, my drive, my courage, my resilience. All of those things have shaped me. As someone who does online dating, I feel like most first messages are centered on "you're beautiful, sexy, hot, etc..." and my immediate reaction is...that means very little to me - did you read my profile? I put a lot of thought into that. Compliment my writing. Compliment my substance. I don't exist to be pretty for you.
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  5. Speaking of dating Kimmy, I recently met a woman who was attractive and for the first time in my life am now complimenting her ONLY on her genuine qualities that drew me to her. I have yet to make one comment based on her looks.
    I give ALL the credit to what is being posted in this forum for changing my outlook and behavior.
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    Awesome!! I am with all of you I love it when someone compliments me on my inner being. Thank you Kimmy I love what you said.

    BoPo I love this is changing the way to you talk to women. Now that I am so much more comfortable with myself I actually will say something to people about not complimenting me only on my physical appearance, it confuses most men and some women because they too are told this is how we compliment women so way to go BoPo for changing that!!!

    When I have someone tell me they love how they feel around me, or that I have a really calm energy, or they see feel my joy that comes out of me I feel they really see me for who I am. Those are the type of compliments I love.

    I had a friend say to me once "you look so beautiful" I had just finished a yoga class and was sweating, hair up, out of reaction I looked down at my sweaty self, as she saw my confusion and said "no, you {looking me deep in my eyes} you radiate beauty." Then I go t it! I felt beautiful she really saw me. You can tell someone they are beautiful it is how you do it that counts.

    When someone tells me they think I am pretty I almost feel defeated like "No look closer and you can see the really me" not my hair or my skin color or my outfit, look and see my heart that shines.

    I had a man once at a gym come up to me and say "you look like you have lost weight" I looked at him with a blank look. He was confused he said "did I offend you?" I said "please do not refer to me by my weight" He was still confused the next time I saw him he asked again "did I offend you?" I said "I would love to be complimented by my character not my weight."

    I think he is still scratching his head but he will never forget it and maybe one day it will sink in.

    We each have a voice - use it - share it - correct people - don't sit in their awkwardness because it will make them feel better - be honest -
    Start by changing the way you compliment people on social media or in person!!
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  7. Well said!!☺️
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