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Discussion in 'Body Positive Inspiration' started by jimena, Nov 29, 2016.

  1. Maybe that title sounds very romantic, but the truth, the truth is not related to that. There are too many types of love.
    I know that there are phrases that we have constantly heard as: fall in love with you, love yourself first, etc. etc.

    And even if it sounds like a typical phrase, and sometimes we may detest it, it's a big truth for me. Besides, building our self-love is not easy, it's years, and years, and years. In my case it was, things that happened to me as a girl on the street, I think that anyone should suffer, and that had consequences on me. I never realized that those events that happened to me, would affect me that way. Now, because of my coaching with clients, the stories of others; I also understand more how is everything connected. That was the life I needed to live, hidden myself when I was a teenager, covered me with so many clothes, etc. I never thought that everything was connected, since I did not speak up for so many years. Being totally sincere, I feel that I forgot completely. And I think it always comes ONE day, or in my case it was like that. Where I got tired, tired of depressions, of covering myself, of making decisions that put me last. Then came another story for me, the one that I love (yeeey). When I started to work hard on me, to look at me with others eyes, to accept me, to fall in love, and to go through a lot of pain. I found many things in my journey, I found my beauty, I saw myself in a different way. I remember the first time I felt powerful, it was like: Wow, finally I found me. Moments that were really important for me, like when others saw me and let me know, that they believe in me more than myself (in that time), that was very hard. But if I think of my whole story, the basis of meeting me, was LOVE. It was really love, what connected with me, what made me believe in me, that really seek what I wanted, I realized that I was capable of everything, even things I never thought I was capable of. That is why I speak of LOVE, I practice self love in my Yoga, meditation, with my clients, and it is not that now I don´t have doubts about myself, or that I stop trusting sometimes, of course it happens to me, I am a human being. That in my personal journey was also important. Seen myself in my total and absolute imperfection, and choosing me aware of that. Falling in love with me, imperfect and authentic. So, yes, I speak of love, the basis to create anything, relationships, that company you want, your business, your marriage, your children, etc. etc. I believe that our experiences, events, influence our mind that closes our eyes, or those filters that do not allow us to see all the possibilities that we have. That is why from a loving space, we can look different, accept ourselves, look at others also from the possibility. Love is a daily choice, a daily practice.

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  2. Your final sentence is soooooo powerful!

    Love is a daily choice, a daily practice.

    You must choose love and practice love daily for it to become a habit and become real in your mind when sometimes doubts want to overcome you.

    You're a great writer. When is your first book coming out? Or has that already happened?
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  3. My first book? hahaha wow that so nice from you. That means a lot to me, thank you!!! I loved to write, but English isn't my first language, I moved To USA, one year ago. Something that makes me insecure is that my English is not perfect, and I practice a lot, because of my work I do a lot of videos, so what you said was AWESOME for me. Thank you so much!! I will love to write more, yes, I am going to write more posts :D
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  4. Welcome to the USA! You can always write a book in your native language! You have the power to do anything as long as you want it bad enough!
  5. Thank you <3 so so much!!
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  6. Thank you for this post. It's so much about perspective and the word love has an endless amount of definitions. Never forget that first time you felt powerful. Let it keep fueling you to be brilliant, because you are clearly so brilliant <3
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  7. Thank you so much, <3 You are so lovely!!!
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