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Let's be fearless, let's be us without any worries!

Discussion in 'Body Positive Inspiration' started by Leah, Nov 25, 2016.

  1. Hey Guys! I came across this amazing video about being fearless, being comfortable in your own skin, and just loving you! I can't help but to share it everywhere! I love all of this video, there's a little connection in it for everyone. It's short and sweet, so don't even be thinking you're about to waste 10 minutes of your life, because it isn't even 5 minutes long! Just watch it and share your thoughts!

    I love how they threw in have seconds and selfies! I always get picked on for taking selfies!

    <3 LEAH

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  2. Love this Leah!!! Thanks for sharing!!!! It's simple reminders like what you shared that make all the difference.
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  3. Of course, I HAD to! <3
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  4. YASSSSSSSSSSSS! I've seen this before! It gets better and more inspiring every single time I watch. I am STILL guilty of the pillow sit. Every step toward body positivity counts, even if they're baby steps :)
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