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Discussion in 'Share Your Story' started by Maffy Nelfa, Jan 16, 2017.

  1. Hi there! My name is Maf 28 year old Filipina.

    I will start by thanking BE BODY POSITIVITY for welcoming me in this community. Ever since I was a child I’ve been struggling because of my body. I was on a yo-yo diet since then. I tried different kinds of diet and exercises but I don’t think those diets and exercises suits me. 4 years ago, I started working on a BPO company. I’ve met different kind (personalities) of people. I realized that time that no matter how you look (thick or thin) people will accept you. I then started to wear clothes based on my taste and style. There are still things, events and people who makes me feel uncomfortable of my body. I remember the very first time I was called stupid in the office (that really hurts me). I ended up crying in front of my monitor however it made me realize that I was not. I AM NOT STUPID. Stupid people are those who mock others just to satisfy their arrogant self. Starting that day I made sure that no one can hurt me (emotionally, physically, sexually and socially). I’ve learned that you can’t please everyone. If you do good, not all of the people will applause you some may BOO you too. There are those people who are happy whenever they see someone suffering or crying. I DON’T! I suffered, I cried and I lose hope.I know the feeling. Everytime I make fun of others I always feel sorry and guilt strikes me not only in my bones but in my heart. I won’t be a body positive person if I make other people feel that there is something's wrong with them. I am still working on my body and attitude. That two I think should go hand in hand. I won’t be happy if I mock others. I won’t be positive if someone feel negative because of me. THAT I DON’T WANT TO HAPPEN. I started 2017 with a positive thoughts. I made sure I post positive quotes on my fb to help inspire others. I made sure that I compliment everyone however they look and act. I made sure to eat healthy and be healthy all the time. I made sure to love others so I will love myself more. :) and I will make sure to SHOW RESPECT SO THAT OTHER PEOPLE WILL RESPECT ME TOO.

    Thanks for reading you all :)
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  2. I'm so happy you're here! You are truly an inspiration :)
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  3. Maffy!!!!!!!!

    You are so confident and get it!!!! Not many people have the full understanding about respect you do. We all need to learn to be more kind to others. This includes those close to us and those who walk by us who we have never met before!!!!

    Keep being awesome!!!!!
  4. Thank you! Thank you for inspiring me more. Thank you for welcoming me here.
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