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Loving and accepting my body has been the key to wellness

Discussion in 'Share Your Story' started by Zakkiyath OTTOLA, Dec 3, 2016.

  1. When i was 11 i already looked like a 25 years old lady. It was very hard to live because people especially men didn't see me as the kid i was and were always chasing me. I confess, it was very disturbong for me.
    When i went in high school i fell in love with a guy that didn't love me at all. He was always laughing at me with his friends because i was fat, tall, i was not like the other girls. It was really painful to me. I gotta say that i started changing since this moment. I started taking care of myself so that he notices i'm a fine girl , so that he loves me but it never happened.
    Recently i realised that i decided to change for the wrong reason. Changing is an important decision and it have to come from us, not others. So i took another decision : loving and accepting my body no matter wath people say. In fact there will always be a bad person to tell me that i'm fat but i'll show him i love myself the way i am and absolutely doesn't care about his opinion.
    My method is to show my happiness by blogging. I'm a body positive activist and a fashion blogger.

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  2. Welcome!!! One thing we need realize is to avoid the trap of changing for another person. Hoping if we get thinner, bigger or richer we will get the lover we want.

    This is a very dangerous trap we must avoid.

    The key is self-love. It all starts there!
  3. I love this. You look stunning in that picture. Change for the right reasons is so important. You must be happy and healthy and realize that the only opinion that should matter to you is YOURS. Don't let it be negative <3 I'm happy for you on your journey.
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