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Motherhood is saving my life.

Discussion in 'Share Your Story' started by Connie ferguson, Dec 3, 2016.

  1. Recovery (noun)
    1. A return to a normal state of health, mind or strength.
    2. The action or progress of regaining possession or control of something stolen or lost.

    Motherhood is a battle within itself but to be battling a life consuming illness within this battle intensifies this to an unimaginable fight.

    I have always suffered poor body image, I was taunted throughout my entire school career about my weight, my frizzy hair, and slowly the words stuck with me and I began to believe I wasn't good enough that my physical image is what defined me. Then three years ago I suffered a loss that struck a chord within me, an urge to lose weight, an urge to do everything possible not to get diabetes. Within the last three years I've lost my Gran and great auntie to diabetes, they suffered diabetic ulcers and ended up with an infection in them while in the hospital. I was and still am at the thought of getting diabetes, both of them were bigger ladies and it seems to have stuck with me.

    But since last November I've had a new fight in me, an urge to get better, an urge to love the body I am to show my little girl that her self worth does not depend on her size of her body, the colour of her hair, that she does not have to live up to societies standards. I will recover because I need to teach this beautiful little soul that she is the world and more.

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  2. Connie! What a deep and thoughtful post!~ I am soon happy you shared your story with us! I can tell you that the best gift you can give your daughter is to love yourself! You are offering her this gift.

    You are a great woman!
  3. You are clearly such a strong, beautiful person, inside and out.
    I know the diabetes fear. I've got it in my genes on both sides of my family.
    What's important is that we stay healthy and try not to beat ourselves up or let the fear take over.
    We are powerful and we can do this the right way.
    So happy for how far you've come :)
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