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My Body story

Discussion in 'Share Your Story' started by jimena, Nov 28, 2016.

  1. Hi there, so happy to be in this cozy space, yesterday I was talking with someone from this community about my body story. After checked the page I wanted to share something about me. But I think it's so long and sometimes really painful. Ok, here I go. As a girl I was attacked on the streets, the first time was when I was 7 years old, unfortunately it was not a single time, women can suffer too many things at the streets. I lived in south America where violence and harassment against women is terrible. I do not want to detail all the things that I lived, because I want to connect that experiences with my story and my relationship with my body. But there are words that appear: kid. bad men. streets. touching me. teenager. Attempted rape. pain. forgetting those events. hiding myself. etc. etc. I never related the things that happened to me with my body issues. I forgot it for so many years. I don't know where I put those memories but I never remember any of those experiences until I have 30 years old. I spoke up and realize how many pain I had in me, or the decisions that I made are related with that. For me, the world was so mean, and that was the reason that I should hide and eat, and damage myself, because I thought in that time that I didn't deserve anything good. I remember that when I was a teenager, I used a lot of clothes, hidden myself, hidden my body, eating a lot, suffered of eating disorders, depression, choosing bad relationships, etc. etc. That was a circle of negativity in my life. I felt I deserve that, I did not love myself at all. But we always have one moment in our lives, or more than one, I was so tired of that situation, the last relationship that I had in that moment was the worst. But now I think everything has a reason, that was the moment that I told me: it´s enough. I decided to begin a transformational coaching process. I think that was the moment when I began a different journey, it wasn't easy, but absolutely worth it. Little by little, day by day, struggling with me, with my beliefs, becoming to be aware what were my habits, the decisions that I used to choose.
    If you ask me right now, How was it? I can tell you that there were some many years of looking inside, awakening, discovering, really good days and some bad days too. I began to accept my body, by connecting with it in a different way, engaging with what I felt, accepting my imperfections, different emotions, because that lives in me. I began to see my beauty and that was amazing, people connected with my power, and was incredible, people believe in me and that was for me: Oh my god!!
    I think it´s really hard when people believe in you, and you don't, that was a huge learning for me. But as I always said, it's a journey, we need to work it everyday. I found coaching, corporal coaching, Theater, Yoga, meditation, movement. That's why for me my journey, it's a body journey. In this last 2 years I fall in love with Yoga, I added this practice to my daily life, and it's amazing, is the integration of all the disciplines for my intention of self love. I think I will define in those words my journey: Practice of Self-Love. Thank you so much for reading, I hope it resonates with you.

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  2. What an AMAZING story of strength and eventual self-awareness Jimena!

    Isn't it amazing how you can go through life for many many years and not even realize why you think of act a certain way until one day it hits you!

    You're childhood memories have manifested themselves in ways you're not taught to understand and to even look for.

    Love the fact that you have begin to find your peace through loving your body and Yoga! You are amazing and so strong to share your story with our community that you are not a loved part of!!!!
  3. Oh thank you so much!!
    You are so kind, I loved to share my story, it-s crazy but when the years passed the events changed the perspective that we had. Thank you!! Yes, Yoga and other disciplines are my daily practices of self love, and the one most important is to listen to my body!! <3
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  4. Listening to your body is a GREAT practice that many of us simply do not do. If you feel tired but want to push, consider relaxing. If your body is craving food, then eat. If your body feels sluggish and wants to be energized go for a walk or for a run!

    Awesome post.

    What else do you do Jimena on a daily basis to stay focused on loving your body?
  5. Oh, thank you!! Meditation is a practice of self-love for me that I loved it and gives me so much calm, a hot shower with some oils (coconut or sesame )Cooking some food that I like it, healthy food can be really creative, well my dark chocolate it´s my favorite :D, journaling, reading. hehehe so much love to me. And of course my Yoga <3 I used a lot the Instagram stories and share this kind of practice, I enjoy sharing with people :)
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  6. Jimena! You seem to have nailed many of the important aspects of self-love! You inspire me!
  7. I'm happy that you struggled to get out of this circle of negativity. It's so painful not to love oneself and see our beauty in others eyes. Now that you love and appreciate each part of your body you're happy!:)
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  8. I don't think I can express to you how happy I am that you're here. First of all, I'm South American too! My mother was born in Ecuador. I'm sorry you experienced so much pain and suffering but it has clearly turned you into a stronger person, beautiful inside and out. A lot of times, it takes a spiral of negativity to wake us up and put us on the right path. We're just so fortunate that you've landed here with us.
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