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My New Body

Discussion in 'Share Your Story' started by Chapell, Nov 2, 2016.

  1. Hello, Everyone! Let me introduce myself. My name is Chapell and I am a published model in Southwest Ohio. I go by my model stage name under Lady Chapell - Model in the modeling business. I have been in this industry for only six months. Being a model does have it's changes, but totally worth it. I made a big decision in getting into the industry because I love being in front of the camera and expressing who I am. There will be genres of modeling where you will have to show skin especially in bikinis, boudoir, or even nude. This is my advice to you: accept yourself and only yourself! If photographers and models don't like your imperfections of your body, that's their problem. We need to accept each other and empower each other to show that we are strong and we are beautiful.

    I am a wife and a mother of an one year and half year daughter. When I am not working, I am a stay at home mom. Being a mother is the proudest and hardest accomplishment that any woman can have; even if you are biological, adopted, or foster parent. Throughout my pregnancy, it was hard to accept my new body. Ladies, I thought that I was going to get my body back before. Flat and toned, right? WRONG! LOL! I had an emergency C-section on April 12, 2015 due to many complications through my 45 hour and 25 minute labor. I will say this though. At first, I did not accept my body because I felt ugly and unattractive, but I vowed that I will never do plastic surgery. It was my job to show my daughter that hard labor and sweat was the way to go.

    I do have stretch marks around my lower back, my hips, and my stomach area. This is my first tattoo! I have my belly button pointing south and not straight forward (before my pregnancy). I have a battle scar that reminds me of the pain and the joy of when I a C-section birth (it smiles back at me like Cheshire Cat in Alice in Wonderland). I have excessive skin around the stomach area. I gain and lost 40 pounds (or 18.47 kg). I work out every other day.

    I realized that after awhile that this is my new body. Showing all of my imperfections are my best assets including the curves (had that before and after pregnancy). This is my new body!

    This is the hardest post that I have ever written because it exposes the true body of myself. I can say that I am happy for my body and for my mind. Yes, the imperfections will always be there, even after the photoshop. I accept myself postivity and my body prevails through pain and joy. I am a Wonder Woman who fought!

    Thank you for reading my story and I hope that I encourage you to be proud and inspire you that you are never alone.

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  2. Chapell!!!!

    The fact that you went from having body image issues to becoming a published model is AMAZZZZZZINNG!!!

    You basically took something that consumed you and attacked it head on like a Bengal Tiger! LOVE THIS post!

    This is going to inspire many women who also have given birth and have experienced stretch marks and scarring as a result of bringing an amazing new life into this world.

    You are beautiful and you are a true inspiration!
  3. No, thank you for contacting me through Instagram on my modeling account. I finally got it done!
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  4. I love that you are a REAL woman from heart to toe ;)
    Your story of self love and acceptance is very inspiring!
    I hope that one day, if I choose to be a mother, I will have your courage and determination.
    I pray daily that I can be the best version of me by living in a way that continually inspires and empowers others to do the same. Body image and allowing it to not get in the way of being YOU in all your glory IS a gift to all of humanity. Keep shining soul sister!
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  5. My favorite thing about you is that you tie typically "negative things" by society's standards, like stretch marks and scars, to positive things like meaningful tattoos and a reminder of the love you have for your child. That's an amazing skill to have and I hope to one day be as good at is as you are. No body is "perfect" because perfect doesn't exist. Every so-called "flaw" gives our mind and body character. I have to say, yours is a character I truly admire. <3
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