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No Makeup Mondays!

Discussion in 'All Things Body Positive' started by Corinne Santiago, Dec 19, 2016.

  1. Believe me, I love the days where my eyebrows are shaded in just right and my skin is all an even tone. That being said, I still very much appreciate my barefaced days. Those are the days where I can truly embrace every freckle and every bag under my eyes (no matter how much sleep I get, they're always there.) I encourage you all to post a brave, bare face here! IMG_2018.JPG
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  2. Love this!!! Your smile and energy is so powerful!!!
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  3. Aw shucks :) Thanks!!!
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  4. You are so beautiful!!!!!!!
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  5. I love my make up!! But I totally agree that I love the no make up days just as much!!! When I am out and about swimming it's nice to feel so free!!!!

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  6. Yaasssssss Kween, slay!
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