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Pattern mixing, don't be afraid to try it!

Discussion in 'Flaunt Your Fashion' started by Cherry._.Bakewell, Nov 6, 2016.

  1. Screenshot_2016-11-06-15-07-50_1.jpg I saw the post by @Kelly and I had a look back through my instagram posts to see if I had done anything similar without realising.

    Here is my plaid/tartan shirt with a mottled grey skirt and patterned shawl.

    Wear whatever you want, there are no clothing rules. If you are happy and comfy then that's great and everyone who tells you otherwise is wrong!
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  2. YASSSSSSS! I love it!

    Patterns on patterns on patterns... I kind of want a kitty pattern, and a dog pattern, then to top it off some sort of bird pattern!! <---- Yeah, sounds weird. HAHA <3
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  3. Weird has been and will always be cool. The two things I never want to be called are normal or lucky. LOL Weird Rules!!!!
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  4. NORMAL HAHAHH ;) It doesn't even exist! Maybe in the context that we are all normally not normal :)
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  5. Sounds perfect!!!
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