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Plaid, Plaid on Plaid, it's a Plaid Time of Year!

Discussion in 'Flaunt Your Fashion' started by Leah, Nov 6, 2016.

  1. Plaid, I like plaid, I like plaid in all sorts of colors! This year I'm lacking in the plaid department which is funny since I'm a small town country girl. The one thing I did have this year was plaid on plaid, and the only opinion that mattered was my dogs! She approved, she approves of everything, so basically I wear ANYTHING! Even this awesome red plaid!

    When I wore this red plaid top alone with black leggings I LOVED it, I'm not afraid of plaids or patterns anyways. I loved this outfit that I had to wear it again (well who doesn't wear an outfit again)!

    The next time I wore this outfit it was a beautiful rainy day and I was even happier than I was on a sunny day! Just proving the weather doesn't always have to take control of you, also proving re-wearing outfits is just as fun, as well as PLAID ON PLAID IS CUTE AF. So wear whatever you want, as long as it makes you and your pets happy! HAHA <3
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  2. @Leah you've gone plaid! Makes me want to dig out the tartan dress my mother in law altered for me :D
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  3. DO ITTT!!! Also, can I say how much I'm in love with the fact that you uses tartan :) Ryan calls that outfit my tartan outfit, I was like what, you don't know anything this is plaid. HAHA I have to stand my ground and continue with plaid, which is exactly why I've branded it my plaid outfit hahahahaha :p
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  4. You look amazing!!! Love it!
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