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Who has inspired you to become body positive?

Discussion in 'All Things Body Positive' started by BoPo Team, Nov 28, 2016.

  1. 1 - Who inspires you most to be body positive?
    2 - What did they do to inspire you?
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  2. Sociology and the study of American capitalism. When I realized that there have always been fat people, and that mainly, capitalism is just trying to make a buck of off me, in sooooo many ways. We aren't fatter as a whole due lack of will power, laziness, etc. Food is plentiful, and we don't have the need to move as much in the modern age. Doing laundry 150 years ago was a whole crap load of physical work (but still there were fat people). Also, I've never seen anyone who lost weight keep it completely off, unless surgery was involved, and even then some always comes back.

    So, I guess it was logic, not an actual person. Why hate what always has been and what always will be just so some corporate jerk can take my money?

    Yes, that's how my mind works!
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  3. Tammy!!! Love your post! I would like to add the fact that many periods of art found in museums glorify larger more full-figured bodies!

    Now we do the opposite. I agree with you the reason points back to capitalism!
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  4. Omg!!! I honestly never thought about it that way!!! You're totally right!!!! I love this perspective
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