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Would you choose average or beautiful?

Discussion in 'What's Your Opinion?' started by BoPo Team, Dec 26, 2016.

  1. What do you think of this campaign Dove created in the past?

    Which would you choose and why?

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  2. I'd walk through the beautiful door, and I'd walk through confidently.
    Not only would I do that, I would do my best to help convince EVERYONE to walk through the beautiful door.
    I've said it before and I'll say it again.
    We are all beautiful in our uniqueness.
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  3. Wow I think like a year ago I would have gone threw the average. Though I've always been someone that is always preaching to friends they are all beautiful. I've always thought I was pretty...well sometimes I thought I was okay . Like I use to think I was not beautiful. That I was a special kind of pretty....that parts of me were pretty. Other parts held me back.
    Now I would go threw the beautiful door. I feel beautiful! No one can take that from me!
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  4. I have had a few thoughts on this. Sometimes I think we all want to be "beautiful", but I wonder why? I'm very average looking, and I think I'm fine with that. I also think we all have a personal best to look, but there are people who are physically more pleasing to the eye (even though it varies greatly with the eye of the beholder :) ). I've never been able to express this thought very well.
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  5. Love it!!! We need to always look back on our successes as the more we focus on them the more new successes are attained!!!
  6. I love that you made this statement Tammy!

    I came to the same realization recently and started putting much more value on myself as person and the quality of my relationships and friend base.

    Once I began focusing on my non physical attributes I actually found much more endearing qualities that i prefer to be identified with such as hard working, empathetic and generous.

    You want to be "beautiful" because you are reminded 27 times a day how important it is by the media!!!!!!
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  7. Kind of on the same note, you don't have to be "beautiful" to be attractive or sexy. For example, I think Brad Pitt is exceedingly handsome, but his sexy level for me? Meh. Most male models are like that too. But throw somebody like Chris Sullivan from "This is Us" out there...well then. Not text book handsome but I think he's sexy as all get out!
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  8. I agree completely. I'm always drawn to people who are independent in their thinking and don't just follow the herd. It's sexy to me.

    Brains before beauty any day of the week as well!

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