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Do You Have a Wait Problem?

A few years ago I housesat for a man who was more than one hundred pounds overweight. He’d been heavy since childhood, but really started gaining weight as he began losing family members: first his mother, when he was 31; then his older brother a decade later, and finally his Dad. At 46, he has no family left save a few cousins.

The following summer he asked if I would caretake his property and dogs again, so he could travel back East and attend to the ancestral homestead that has been in his family for almost a century, accumulating the belongings of three generations.

The trip sounded like a unique personal growth opportunity, and he agreed: “I think it will be enlightening.”


How House Clearing Boosts Body Positivity

When he returned, I asked how it had been to sort through and relinquish nearly a hundred years of history. He said, sounding greatly relieved, “We took six van loads to the dump. We also had a huge garage sale.” There’s still a lot to sift through, but it’s exponentially more manageable.

Then Jeff added, “And I lost a lot of weight!”

He explained, “I’ve always had a ‘wait problem’: an unwillingness to experience pain now. Losing weight meant accepting the present pain (of being alone) for future gain.”


No “Carry On” Baggage

Cleaning out his family’s possessions proved to be healing, because, “I was recognizing the loss. It was uncomfortable, but at the same time, I faced the fear.”


Emotional baggage


Canadian author and personal transformation guru Crystal Andrus Morissette, who emptied the contents of her home on the road to high health and body positivity, speaks about needing to detoxify “all the garbage of all the years that is built up in your body…that you think matters, that defines you.”

Once Jeff released generations of baggage, his body no longer needed to carry it. He came home lighter in every respect, calmer, happier — and “craving vegetables.” Energetically, he has laid a burden down.


What We Own, Owns Us

We’re living an accelerated moment of personal and planetary evolution, when so much that once seemed essential no longer serves, and will happily move on for our greater good.

Transformational author Barbara Marciniak has written about how to travel light as we play what I call “galactic chess”, relocating as we are called on our global chessboard.

Marciniak counsels that the first time you move, you may hire a huge truck to cart all your belongings to your new locale. The next time, you might have to fit what you keep in your car. The time after that, you’ll take just what you can carry on your back. And the final time, you’ll depart with only what you can hold in your hands.


A Weight Off Your Shoulders…And Belly

As we release the need to carry outmoded behaviors, memories, feelings and beliefs forward, their weight magically melts, gaining us the freedom to focus on what feeds our growth now.

This is the alchemical bopo diet: food for thought that subtracts what’s pounded on you for years. Weight also means influence, power, substance.

May your words carry weight, and your body be a vessel for celebration.


Try This At Home!

If you’re ready to enlighten up:

  1. Make a list of what’s weighing on you. Don’t hold anything back. If it’s a grudge from third grade, write it down. Include the boxes of old books moldering in the garage, the debt you owe a friend, that minor yet persistent health issue.
  2. Choose one item to start, and discover how you can creatively burn through layers of greasy wax buildup. Create a simple ceremony to say goodbye, and thank what you surrender for having served you well on your bopo journey.
  3. Then write a brief, present-time plan for what needs to happen next, and commit to a “do date.” (For example: “I schedule an appointment with a chiropractor by the end of this week.”) This is practical alchemy in action.

Consider using these wise words from the Abraham-Hicks teachings as a touchstone: “The basis of life is freedom, and the result of life is expansion — but the purpose of your life is joy.”

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