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Bodypositivity.com's Flip Your Scale Challenge

Body Positive Blogs Guilt-Free Advice – Flip Your Scale Challenge

A body positive blogs goal is to educate and inspire. The “Flip Your Scale Challenge” is your opportunity to indulge this holiday season without the feeling of guilt.

Ignore the side of the scale with all the scary numbers on it. Turn that object into something that can make you smile, regardless of how much the holidays have transformed your body.

While we trim Christmas trees and place Hannukah menorahas or Kwanzaa kinaras in places of prominence, this year, we challenge you to decorate something a little out of the ordinary and for good reason.

The "flip your scale challenge" is how this body positive blog inspires a guilt free holiday season

The number on the scale weighs on our minds.


We indulge around the holiday season and because of this, a lot of times we are filled with guilt and we retreat to our scales to see how much damage was done.

Last time I checked, the holidays are supposed to be a time for celebration and giving. We attend parties and give gifts to loved ones and coworkers.

We give messages of love in the form of holiday cards, and nearly 1/3 of charitable contributions for the year are given in the month of December.

In spite of this, we still feel an undeniable guilt when we choose to give to ourselves.


The Challenge

Go to your scale, reclaim its power over you, flip it over, and decorate it with the enthusiasm you would when decorating anything else this holiday season.

this body positive blog offers the "flip your scale challenge"


Once complete, snap a photo of your decorated scale and post it in our forum using the button below:

Take the Challenge!


There, a growing community of body positive warriors will see your creation.

Turn the tables, flip your scale, and give yourself love and positivity this holiday season and always.

In conclusion, enjoy your family, friends and nourishment guilty free this holiday season!

Take the “Flip Your Scale Challenge” today!

body positive blogs educate and inspire

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