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Get Featured On Our Body Positive Instagram Account

Want to Be Featured on Our Instagram Account?

Everybody Does!


We receive more than 20 messages a day asking to be featured on our Instagram account of over 67,300 followers.

Now is your chance to get huge exposure!




The amount of visibility you get most companies pay several hundred to thousands of dollars for in advertising costs!


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A popular post on our account can be viewed by over 300,000 accounts.


Become a member of our “Featured Instagram Membership Program.”

This is a paid membership where 100% of your contribution goes directly to support our writers and our efforts to spread our message of body positivity to change the lives of so many.

The price is so ridiculously low, it’s going to go up in the next 1-2 months!

Get your message heard while supporting the body positive movement.


How does this work?

We are a monthly membership program. Here are your options to choose from:

  • 1 post a month on our Instagram for $25/month.
  • 2 posts a month for $45/month.
  • 4 posts a month for $75/month.

Note: These prices will go up 200-400% in the next few months. Lock yourself in now and you are guaranteed your lower rate as long as you are an active member.

Your posts stay up as long as you remain an active member. They are removed once you terminate your monthly membership.


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We offer you complimentary advice and support to help you create the perfect post!


The number of likes, comments and reposts you receive are a direct result of how giving you are, the quality of your story and the emotion in your post.

If your post is overly self-promotional, lacks emotion and is all about you, you can expect 200 likes at best!

The more your message connects with those who support the body positive movement, the more you will be noticed!


That simple!


Many members receive over 3-5,000 likes in less than 48 hours gaining TONS of exposure.

If you need inspiration simply look at our own posts!


best #bodypositive instagram influencers
Impressions = How many times an account saw this post. Reach = How many of those accounts were unique.


We spend on average 30-45 minutes on our posts to ensure we have:

  • The right image.
  • A strong emotional and relevant message.
  • Relevant hashtags.
  • Tag up to 20 people we feel have a likelihood to share our posts.


We do not guarantee success as we are not an Instagram education center. What we wrote above and what you see on our Instagram account should be enough guidance.

We only repost your posts once they have been on your Instagram account for a few days or longer. This allows you a chance to test it out beforehand so you can have us post only the best of the best of your work for maximum exposure.


We want you to be happy. We want you to succeed!


All of our posts are reposts from your account!

Single image posts only.

Your monthly contribution not only gets your message in front of tens of thousands but you also:

  • Gain access to our private chat community on an app called Slack. You will love being a part of our powerful daily conversations.
  • Your contribution supports the body positive movement and the thousands who visit our website monthly looking for support.
  • You contribution helps our hand selected writers who believe strongly in what they do. Promoting self-love and body positivity to the world!


Next Steps:

  1. Click the get started button below to email me with questions you have and which post option above you have selected.
  2. Please include a link to your Instagram and a paragraph about you and your goals.
  3. I will review your account and if it aligns with our brand YOU’RE IN!
  4. You will receive an email with approval and and invite to our private app to get started!


Get Started


We do everything we can to help you be successful but we do not accept those who have an agenda that doesn’t align with our brand, our audience and our message.

I look forward to helping you get noticed on our very popular Instagram account!


JC Cavanaugh

Founder – Bodypositivity.com

@Bebody_positive – Instagram.