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The Gift Of Self Love Campaign

What happens when two body positive, hard working women in the fashion and film industry get together? They create something revolutionary!

Janie Ruddell is a film student who has always loved everything to do with film and media, and wanted to mold her life around it. She has been working in the media industry for about two years and decided to start her own production company “Cherrie Pie Productions” which as been growing by the day since it started.

Photography by John Carlo
Photography by John Carlo

Faith Costa is a plus size model, social media influencer, blogger, mental health awareness/body positive activist as well as an artist. Though she works in many different fields, she brings them all together with her consistent motive of spreading the message of love in the world.

Photography by John Carlo

Janie and Faith set out to launch Janie’s production company “Cherrie Pie Productions” with The Gift Of Self Love campaign. 

“The gift of self love is a campaign I had the idea for months ago. I didn’t know where to begin or what to do, but with the help of Faith Costa and some other amazing people, we were able to launch. We went with a pinup theme because to me, pinup has always embodied so many different kinds of feminine nature. We had 22 beautiful models from all walks of life and backgrounds come model for us. We worked with three amazing companies. Our campaign #thegiftofselflove, does not stop here. We want as many people to share their stories and photos with the hashtag and get involved themselves! ” Janie Ruddell, CEO of Cherrie Pie Productions.

Within four short weeks, Cherrie Pie Productions and The Gift Of Self Love campaign launched on Valentine’s Day.

Photography by John Carlo

“Janie and I have worked so hard on putting together #thegiftofselflove campaign. Valentine’s Day is hard for a lot of people including myself, even though it is a day allegedly meant for love. With The Gift Of Self Love, we wanted to make sure everyone knew that true love begins with loving ourselves. To feel beautiful is empowering and should be meant for EVERYONE, no matter your size, race, religion, background… Self love is a gift.. shower yourself with it!” Faith Costa, Assistant Producer/Model Coach for The Gift Of Self Love Campaign. 

Inclusivity was not even a question when selecting the models. 

Photography by John Carlo
Photography by John Carlo

22 models that ranged from sizes 00 to 28, of which included:

  • Cis
  • Non-Binary
  • Trans
  • Femme
  • Mothers
  • Daughters
  • Business Owners
  • Athletes
  • Actors
  • Entrepreneurs
  • .. and everyone in between!
    Photography by John Carlo
    Photography by John Carlo
    Photography by John Carlo

The gift of self love campaign is not a passing fad or trend. It is a movement that’s goal is to have all women truly embrace themselves.

Dynamic duo Janie and Faith, got sponsored by Lady Voluptuous, Pinup Girl Clothing and Doodad and Fandango as well as other great support for the project, including fashion photographer John Carlo (@John.Dionisio) and production company DMA Media LLC.

Janie and Faith are already in the works to continue pushing The Gift Of Self Love campaign to be even bigger and better than it already is. Self love social media challenges and giveaways are right on the horizon.

All of which will be launched on the Cherrie Pie Productions Instagram @CherriePieProductions and Facebook page Cherrie Pie Productions, so be sure to follow and take part in all that’s to come!

This isn’t the end for The Gift of self love, it is merely the beginning.

The Gift Of Self Love Campaign Credits:
Producers: Janie Ruddell and Faith Costa
PA to Producers: Brielle Sherman
Photography: John C. Dionisio
PA to Photographer: Sophia Marie
Hair: Farah Monroe
MUA: Kristen AshworthZanther Moran, and Webb Kath
Set Coordinator: Anthony Scanish
Film Crew: A Ceasar PizarroDMA Media LLC
Location: Danielle Riggio Armano

Dresses: Lady Voluptuous and Pinup Girl Clothing
Earrings: Doodad & Fandango

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