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Self-Care for Moms

Unbeknownst to most, self-care and body positivity go hand in hand.  Our unintentional lack of care for ourselves can lead to a deteriorating emotional state of mind when it comes to our personal views of the image we see in the mirror.

The sprout of gray hairs and stretch marks that wrap around the width of our bodies are just a few of the things that we begin to notice in our reflection.  Instead, we should focus on the amount of wisdom we’ve gained during our course in life and the beauty in bearing children that those marks represent.  

As a mom and wife, it can be easy to believe that I’m superwoman sometimes.  I find myself giving advice to others daily, but I don’t always listen to my own words. 

My lack of caring for myself can do so much more than harm my physical state, but my mental being can suffer as well.  As much of an advocate as I am for self-care, I rarely make it part of my own routine.  

My mind spins a mile a minute full of ideas, to-do lists, and randomness.   I like to have my hands in absolutely everything that I do to ensure its “perfection” although nothing really reaches that height, not even myself.  

I create these unattainable to-do lists for housework that just never seem to end.  I would be almost to the point of tears just looking at the amount of clean clothes piled on my couch and don’t get me started on how the living room would suddenly becomes a free for all playroom once it’s completely spot free.

Life can be overwhelming at times even when I think I’ve got it all under control.  My lesson learned is that I need to be intentional about taking a break and taking time for myself.

Self-care is so much more than beautifying of our flesh.  We can always cover ourselves up with makeup, a cute hair style, and a nice outfit, but if we don’t work on ourselves internally, all of that will be for nothing. 


Invest in your physical health from the inside out.

Take the time to make simple changes to your eating habits.  Choose to eat things like wheat bread instead of white, drink more water, and increase your fruit and vegetable intake.

Add physical activity to your schedule.  Start small by doing simple exercises every day.  Take a walk in the park.  Choose the stairs rather than the elevator. It’s all possible with baby steps.


Naps aren’t just for cranky toddlers.  Get some rest.

Fifteen minutes can feel like an hour if you take a nap.  Make some time and take a quick cat nap, whether it’s leaned back in the driver’s seat on lunch, or while the kids are sleeping. 

It’ll give you the extra boost you need to continue to push through the remainder of your day.  If you’re not implementing naps in your daily routine, you’re missing out mama.


Add eating to your to-do list.

It’s easy to forget to feed yourself while making sure that little bellies are being fed.  Meal prep ahead of time for a quick meal on the go without resulting in fast food. 

Pack a few snacks in your purse, car, diaper bag, or even your pockets.  If you have to, set an alarm to remind yourself of when to eat. 

Falling out in the middle of Target because you forgot to eat breakfast isn’t cute.  Fuel up!


Everything may not get done today and that’s okay.

Don’t overwork yourself.  Understand that your list of daily goals may not be met right away.  Do as much as you can without breaking your neck to do so.

Being stressed out is not attractive.  I promise you that every unfinished job will be waiting for you the following day. 

I had to start creating office hours for myself while working at home.  I would find myself staying up until the middle of the night and hardly sleeping to get things accomplished and still falling behind.


Treat yourself.  You deserve it.

Take the time out to do something for yourself that makes you happy.  It doesn’t have to cost much at all. 

This might seem really simple, but if your life is anywhere near as hectic as mine then you’ll understand that this is actually a luxury.  I can barely take a shower or use the restroom without little people calling my name or sticking their fingers under the door seal. 

Sometimes I even open up the shower curtain to find my children sitting on the toilet seat or the bathroom floor just waiting patiently for me.  To actually be able to run bath water without toys floating in it or bubble gum scented bubbles is a major accomplishment. 

So, yes, take a bubble bath ladies.  This is completely free and so relaxing.  You can pretend you’re at a spa in your own home. 

Light up some candles, pour in your favorite oil, bath salt, and make a few bubbles.  If you really want to get fancy, throw in some rose pedals and play some music.  You can thank me later.


Snuggle up with a great read.

Spending time with a great book and a cup of coffee or tea in a quiet space is my ideal me time.  If you are an avid reader like myself, then this would be a great way to relax yourself. 

Pick a time each day where you stop everything and read a few chapters of your favorite book.  Maybe even make it a goal to read one book a month so that you make sure you are getting your reading time in. 

For me, reading takes me to another place, whether fiction or non-fiction.  I can imagine myself  inside of a world full of the words that my eyes are surrounded by and take a step out of the norm just for a little while.


Show yourself some love.

Take a good look in the mirror and admire your beautiful reflection.  Affirm to yourself that you are gorgeous in every way, shape and form.

Remind yourself that you are enough and that you are worthy of all things.  Take a good look at those things that you call flaws and accept them as what makes you so uniquely beautiful.

We may not look like supermodels on a daily basis, but our impeccable reflection cannot be matched.  Embrace your smile no matter how hard that may be because someone else may need a piece of that happiness only for a second today.

Whatever you decide to do, be intentional about implementing self-care for the benefit of not only ourselves but also the ones you love.  Being a mom is not an easy job, but someone has to do it.

About Erin Myers

I am a mother, writer, type one diabetic, and advocate for self-care. I'd like to encourage other women to overcome being their own obstacles and to keep pushing forward despite their situation. We have more strength than we give ourselves credit.