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What Does BoPo Mean to you?

What does Bopo Mean to you?

When I sat down to write this, I thought “This is easy, I know exactly what it means”. As I tried to begin though, I realised just how complex and varied our definitions of BoPo could be. At the moment, “Body positivity” is trending; it’s become part of common parlance, ...

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Worried About Your Body Image?

Worried about body image?

What would life have looked like if you had never worried about your body shape or size? How much happier would you be if you didn’t spend time thinking about that? How much more could you have achieved if you weren’t focused on it; if you weren’t held back by ...

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34 Body Positivity Advocates Share Their Story

34 Body Positive Advocates Share Their Story

Body positivity advocates on Instagram have created one of the tightest and fastest growing supportive communities on this popular social media platform. Body positivity has become a hugely popular topic as many suffer from poor body image. Body positivity advocates are often called BoPo warriors. They are those who stand ...

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