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Take Action Today to be Body Positive

Take Action Today To Be Body Positive

Many of us want to be more body positive but the question is how?

In this post I’m assigning you a little art project that will get your creative juices flowing and will definitely boost your self-esteem, confidence and body/self image!

Materials Needed:

  1. index/file cards
  2. markers/ coloured pencils/crayons
  3. stickers
  4. magnetic photo frame (for the fridge or any metal surface)
  5. storage container to keep the file cards in

image03 1


What To Do:

On each file card you will write one positive statement about yourself.


Looks – “My eyes are a beautiful color and they shine with love for all I see.”

Talents – “I’m a fabulous cook who can create nutritious and delicious meals.”

Who you are as a person – “I’m a devoted and loving wife/mother/daughter/sister/friend.”


The idea is to fill enough cards for each day of the month so approximately 30 – 31 cards.

Decorate each card with color, patterns and stickers. Put the cards in a storage container, which can also be decorated.

Keep it near your fridge and pull out a new card each morning and put it in your magnetic frame.

Look at it often throughout the day to remind yourself how wonderful you are.

Replace the card each morning with a new positive thought to ponder.

At the end of the month, start over.

image04 1

The more you look at these positive affirmations you have written about yourself, the more you will come to believe them!

image00 2

image02 1

Be Pretty, Plus and Proud and have fun creating your own personal stash of positive affirmations that are all about the amazing and beautiful you!

image01 2

About Ena Dumais

Your outward appearance does not define you. You are worthy, good enough and deserving of respect no matter what you look like on the outside. I am happily married for 19 years and am the mother of one beautiful daughter and one fur baby. I love writing and being a part of the body positive movement, changing how the world views beauty one blog post at a time!